Over A Century of Piping Hot Puri’s: Visiting Pancham Puriwala

Located a stone’s throw away from CST station, Pancham Puriwala, like its name suggests, is a tiny joint that has been serving up puris and various accompaniments for over a century. The interiors of the restaurant are very simple, long tables with steel benches and walls decorated with the many accolades the restaurant has received … Continue reading Over A Century of Piping Hot Puri’s: Visiting Pancham Puriwala


Three Days In L.A

The home of Hollywood, Los Angeles or L.A is synonymous in its association as the world’s entertainment hub, where hopefuls dream of making it big. Apart from its glitz and glamour, it is also surrounded by natural beauty in the form of rugged hills, mountains and pristine beaches. Blessed with better weather than other major … Continue reading Three Days In L.A

Brunch At Pali Village Cafe

The unassuming facade gives away little, coupled with the lack of prominent signage, Pali Village Café is easy to miss. Located on the very narrow and busy stretch called Ambedkar Road in Pali Hill, the café serves up European fare and has a promising wine menu. It is a local haunt, for the Bollywood celebrities … Continue reading Brunch At Pali Village Cafe

Exploring Ensenada In A Day

Head To: La Bufadora for some sight seeing Hussongs Cantina where the Margarita was allegedly invented, for a drink and some peanuts The taco shop next to Hussongs for some delicious, freshly made tacos Seven Eleven for some Mexican snacks Sorrianos Supermarket to buy some Mexican staples. Ensenada is a tiny port city located in … Continue reading Exploring Ensenada In A Day

Chez Mariannick: Review

Chez Mariannick is a rustic Creperie and Boulangerie tucked away into a corner of Whitefeild, Bangalore. Serving up freshly baked Pizza’s and Breads, Chez Mariannick gives you the feeling of dinning in a quaint eatery in the French countryside. Little has changed since our previous visit over five years ago, the unassuming dirt road leading … Continue reading Chez Mariannick: Review

Smoor Bangalore Review: A Dessert Lovers Dream

If you’ve lived in Bangalore for a couple of years, chances are you’ve heard of Bliss Chocolates, and found yourself admiring their chocolate sculptures like that of the Taj Mahal. Smoor is Bliss chocolates re-imagined, with a new menu, and offerings. They have five locations in Bangalore, four of which are mall ones. The only … Continue reading Smoor Bangalore Review: A Dessert Lovers Dream

Visiting The Chinese Capital, Beijing

Beijing, the Chinese capital is the second largest city in China, after Shanghai. Although not quite as cosmopolitan as Shanghai, Beijing offers a unique mixture of ancient and modern China. Stranglehold of many dynasties, Beijing has multiple must see attractions as well as some delectable cuisine, the most famous dish being the Peking duck.   … Continue reading Visiting The Chinese Capital, Beijing

Traveling to Shanghai, China

Image credits Shanghai is the most populous city in the world. It is also China’s most cosmopolitan city with an eclectic and distinctive skyline. The name Shanghai translates to the ‘city above the sea,’ and is also known as Hu (pronounced who) and Shen (pronounced shoon) in Chinese. The Huangpu River divides Shanghai into Pudong … Continue reading Traveling to Shanghai, China

Phuket, Phi Phi Islands and Phang Nga Bay

Phuket is a small island in Southern Thailand. With white sandy beaches and blue sea, it is the perfect getaway, especially after a spot of shopping in Bangkok. Getting into Phuket from Bangkok There are two options to directly travel to Phuket from Bangkok By Plane The easiest and fastest way to get into Phuket … Continue reading Phuket, Phi Phi Islands and Phang Nga Bay