It’s bitter sweet being nineteen, because it’s such a transitory age. It is the last year you’ll soak in the sweet glory of being a teenager. And yet you’re so close, to being taken a bit more seriously as a twenty year old.

Long gone are the days of your carefree childhood. You now come to the realization that being an adult, isn’t as fun as you’d hoped it would be. Along with the freedom of making choices, comes weighted responsibility. All your actions have consequences, far greater than upsetting a friend.

You no longer have adolescence to blame, for your mood swings or cranky out bursts. Gone are the days of excitement, after getting your driving license at eighteen. Now you curse the gods for all the traffic, as your car inches slowly, eating away at, the last of your patience.

But at least you can drive, you no longer are dependent on a parent or sibling to drive you places. In any situation, you can hold your head up high, because no matter what, at least the choice was yours.

You collect your first paycheck with pride, no matter how small the sum, you know that you’ve earned it. Being an adult isn’t easy, it probably never will be. However, you now have the power to make a difference in the world.

Nineteen, is the perfect year for you to reflect on your past and future. They say age is only a number, is it really?


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