Exam Time is here! All around there is a frenzy of textbooks and harried souls, rushing to get their study notes in order. In all of the madness, we find everyone has a different way of dealing with exams. Yes, just like blood group types, there are different exam giver types too! Read on to find out..

  1. The Genius


This person genuinely knows their shit. They are the ones who top the class without ever lifting a textbook. They have you wondering “why they gotta be so smart?”

  1. The Overzealous Text-bookworm


They begin “studying” the first day of college. You will surely find them in the library and unfailingly copying down every word of a lecture, and of course the notes.

  1. The Chameleon


This person can be seen crying before the exam, because they think they’re going to fail, because they haven’t studied at all. You console them saying that it’s only a stupid exam after all, you’re also on the same boat. Results come out, and they somehow, magically have brilliant marks! I Thought you didn’t study? Yeah right!

  1. The Breezer


This person’s always so chill about the exams. They barely study, they don’t score brilliantly, but they don’t do badly either. They have people wondering what their secret ‘chill pill’ is.

  1. The Wannabe Topper


This person always seems so determined about doing really well. They have their heads forever buried in a textbook. They seem to be working really hard, however in the end they never really do well.

  1. The Copycat


This person is always confident before an exam. No, they haven’t studied, but they know they’ll have all the answers. With a little help from their neighbors papers of course!

  1. The Surprise Passover


This person never attends college, I repeat never. You’ve seen them so rarely, that them showing up for the exam surprises you. Even more surprising is seeing them pass in everything.

  1. The Forever F’s

young angry student man roughing a sheet at classroom

They don’t give a ‘F’ about exams, and unfortunately only seem to get an F in the exams.

  1. The Always Averager

Young woman student under stress at school

No, you won’t see them topping the class, but you can count on them to pass.

  1. The Ailing Einstein


They seem so smart in class, and they probably are, however they can never seem to translate their wisdom into a good score.

Do you see yourself in these exam giver types? If so, comment down below which ones you think you or your friends are!


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