Brevity is an art, which on the surface seems deceptively simple. The truth although is, it is far easier to ramble and skirt around an issue than to drive home the point. Take for example our Bollywood movies, a couple of pointless songs are always thrown in to mask the lack of a solid, coherent plot. This is where the beauty of a short film pervades, in a few minutes it sells you the message without the added finery.

This article is inspired by a short film, that I watched recently called ‘Ahalya’, a Bengali movie, which keeps you glued to your seat till the very end. Based off a story in the Ramayana, it spins the classic in a unique, unpredictable manner. It was a film that I was highly recommended a watch, by many. However, I was reluctant, as it was seemingly a mythological tale and secondly, a short film.

In my mind I always bundled short films with art films, the message far too contrived to gauge. I don’t like to search for meanings in allusions and foreshadows. I like to keep things laid out on the table, yet, not glaringly so. My opinion about the same though, has changed in recent months, and I can say that I have a better understanding of what short films truly are. The more films I watch, the more I want to watch.

I am constantly amazed by the thought that goes into a short film. The time crunch adds to the pressure along with a constrained budget to work with, in most cases. Apart from the screenplay, the cinematography and acting are also important in creating the desired impact, in an audience. Short films do however, bring about an avenue for budding film makers to showcase their talent.

They may not meet the popularity or reach of mainstream cinema, but that is probably the way it is meant to be. They do however, showcase the dexterity of the individuals that craft them. If you haven’t watched Ahalya yet, do so.

Give short films a chance and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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