After a wait of three years Adele has finally come out with a new single called ‘Hello’ with an accompanying music video. It has already garnered close to 4 million views in less than twelve hours. An impressive feat, however unsurprising as fans have been hungry for any Adele music, in the years since the release of Skyfall.

A love ballad, an Adele classic, the song talks about a relationship that has dwindled due to the distance. It could possibly reference an ex-boyfriend that Adele lost due to work commitments that had her away in USA. It also alludes seemingly to her long absence from music, well, “hello” she tells the world “I’m back”. And what a great song choice for a comeback.

The song starts out nice and slow with her deep and brooding voice over simple piano chords. Que the chorus and Adele’s powerhouse vocals are on display, as she effortlessly takes on the high notes, making it look easy. She takes you through all the emotions, leaving you at one with the song. Listen to “Hello” here

A must listen whether you’re a fan or not.


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