An article that I wrote in the past about being 19 was very well received. Now that I have transcended my teens into the big ol’ twenties “sobs” RIP teenager tag, “amen!” I just had to write about being twenty.

On my twentieth birthday I felt a rush of sadness, I felt like I was leaving behind a life of carefree madness. I could picture people telling me “You know you can’t do that, you’re not a teenager anymore!” I was it turns out having a quarter midlife crisis, yup that’s a mouthful, but it is real, trust me you’ll know when you get there. My mind was racing into the future where I’d be a graduate, internships, jobs or no jobs, money, would I be independent? Success? Would I be successful? Moreover would I be one of those people slogging away with no time to live in the moment, would I be happy? Wait…….I’m not done with my education…should I work first, and then go back? Do degrees even count? People say learning on the job is more important! I want to travel, will I be able to do that? What about my goals? Are they achievable? My flurry of random thoughts were cut by phone calls of people wishing me happy birthday! Nope, I thought there was nothing ‘happy’ about my current situation. Exhausted, I decided it was best to sleep.

It was a good decision, because the next morning I could see clearly. I realised that my fear of not living in the moment, was preventing me from living in the moment. I’m only twenty, yes, I’m going to be swimming into the sea of difficulties and problems. Overcoming them will be challenging, but it’s going to be so worth it! Did I want to live a textbook life where everything was predictable and laid out for me! No, I didn’t, so I’m going to embrace my twenties and make more memories!

Age is only a number, you can do and be anything!



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