For the uninitiated, the thought of a visa on arrival may be daunting, but if you have your documents in order it can be a very simple process.

The following is the visa on arrival process at Don Mueang airport, however it should be quite similar for any other Thai airport

As you exit the aircraft and enter the terminal you will find signage for visa on arrival towards your left. Upon entering the area, head straight to the document verification counter, if you have your photographs and documents in order (Print out and fill your Visa on arrival application form prior to departure, although it will be available at the airport if you have forgotten to do so. Carry two 4×6 cm photographs, visit a local photo studio and tell them you want Thailand visa photo, and they’ll get it done for you. Again if you’ve forgotten or brought a passport sized photo, there are photo booths available to take pictures, although they will be expensive at 150 THB. Lastly fill out your arrival card on the airplane itself, it will be distributed by the flight attendants) (find the complete visa on arrival checklist below). If you have all the mentioned documents, present it to the officer, along with the visa fee in Thai Baht.

The officer will arrange your documents and present you with a token number. Head towards your right to a waiting area with seats. Remain seated until your token number is called. Again give your documents as well as your passport to the officer, they will stamp your passport with the Thai visa on arrival stamp. img_20161213_125353

This process can take as little as 10-15 minutes if you have everything ready and there aren’t too many flights landing at the same time as you.

Thai visa on arrival checklist

  • Filled out arrival card
  • Filled out visa application form (Download from this link : Thai visa on arrival form)
  • Boarding Pass
  • Valid airplane tickets to exit Thailand
  • Hotel vouchers
  • 10,000 THB per person or 20,000 THB per family
  • 2 photographs (4x6cm)
  • 2000 THB visa fee per person ( this was the fee when we visited November 2016)

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