Bangkok is synonymous with shopping and for a reason. The city is teeming with malls and street stores. You can find everything from high end designer goods to dirt cheap knockoffs. There is so much choice that it can be overwhelming. Most places won’t allow trial so do make sure that you have an idea of the sizes you wear. Bargain, there is no getting around bargaining, if you want good deals you have to bargain. Buying multiple items from a shop or multiple pieces of the same item can drive down prices. Sometimes even buying two pieces can make you eligible for wholesale prices.

MBK Mall

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MBK Mall

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MBK is a short walk from the national stadium metro station. MBK or Mahboonkrong mall is known for its convincing first copies of designer goods. You’ll find everything under the sun from Louis Vuitton to YSL. If you want really good copies then you will have to shell out some money. The price you’ll have to pay is still significantly less than the original cost. MBK also has a few shops selling cheaper items and has some great deals on electronics. The top most floor is a food court with varied cuisines. You have to fill up money on a card and use it at each counter instead of paying cash individually.

Platinum Mall

Hardcore shoppers can rejoice in knowing that there is a hotel right above the mall, the Novotel. It can’t be easier to shop till you drop. Platinum mall is multistoried and includes a food court. Each floor sells different items ranging from apparel, accessories, bags etc. You can find extremely trendy clothing here. There are also some stores set up by local Thai designers, where you can find unique items. It should also be noted that each floor has multiple stores selling the same items. So ask around a few times for the price of an item to get an estimate of the price and give you ground to bargain.

Palladium Mall

Located opposite to platinum mall and is an older mall. There are again plenty of stores selling an assortment of goods inside. Less trendy in comparison to Platinum mall. The stores inside begin closing at around 7:00 pm. This is also the time when vendors begin setting up their stalls outside the mall. Some mall store owners also sell in these night markets and you’ll find plenty of racks of clothes being wheeled around.

Pratunam Market

Pratunam Market is the area opposite Platinum mall. It has many by lanes which have more stores and stalls. You can get better deals here than the malls, although it requires a bit of patience. The vendors here only work for a few hours each, before being replaced by others. If you visit Pratunam market at different time’s you’ll find different vendors.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Map of Chatuchak Weekend Market

Is the largest outdoor shopping area in Bangkok, everything under the sun, from clothes, to furniture to animals is sold here. As the name suggests it is open only on the weekend namely Saturday and Sunday. Plan your trip to be in Bangkok over the weekend.

The Kampaengpet MRT station connects directly to the market and is the fastest way to travel to Chatuchak which is far from the city center. Vendors start setting up by 9:30 am, get there early to avoid the crowds. Be sure to carry a map of Chatuchak as it is easy to wander into the wrong sections. Also wear comfortable shoes and clothes, you’ll have to do plenty of walking. Carry a bottle of water to help you stay hydrated. If you like something in Chatuchak buy it, don’t say that you’ll come back later, it’s virtually impossible to do so because of the amount of stores.

Floating Markets

Like Chatuchak floating markets are also only open on the weekends. You should visit floating markets more for the experience rather than actually buying because things are sold at higher prices. The best floating markets to visit are Lat Mayom and Taling Chan are the best.

Big C supermarket

A view of Big C supermarket from the outside

You can get the best deals for food here. If it’s some Thai staples you’re looking to buy or some snacks. Be sure to try Mama Noodles, Seaweed and tamarind candy.

Seven Eleven and Family Mart

Less of a shopping place and more convenience store, seven eleven’s and family marts are found around every other corner. Buy your snacks and water from here.


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