If you’ve lived in Bangalore for a couple of years, chances are you’ve heard of Bliss Chocolates, and found yourself admiring their chocolate sculptures like that of the Taj Mahal. Smoor is Bliss chocolates re-imagined, with a new menu, and offerings. They have five locations in Bangalore, four of which are mall ones. The only proper sit down restaurant is located on 100ft road, Indiranagar. It also happens to be the highest rated of the lot.

Interior view


The restaurant has a modern, open aesthetic with plenty of glass displays and gold shelving.

Various packaged goods
Assorted nuts and cookie jars
Assorted Chocolates

One half of the restaurant is dedicated to Smoor’s beautifully packaged assortment of chocolates, preserves and dried fruit.

Various cakes and cupcakes
Macarons and full sized cakes
Baked goods

Facing which, is a display containing various cakes and desserts. They also have a section with baked goods like breads. Seating is split between outdoor and indoor options, comprised of marble top tables, metal and upholstered chairs.

The Smoor menu

The menu at Smoor is not very extensive, they do a couple of breakfast dishes like Eggs and Pancakes. The main menu offerings comprise of Sandwiches, Burgers, Pasta, Pizza and other assorted dishes. The dessert menu features a variety of Cakes, Sundaes, and in my opinion the star attractions, the Plated Desserts.

Baked goods display

We dropped by Smoor one Thursday evening, for a dessert run. While the place wasn’t full, it was fairly crowded. Our intention was to only order desserts, but we’d heard good things about their Mumbai masala sandwich, and decided to give it a try.

Mumbai Masala Sandwich

The sandwich featured a thick layer of masala potato, wedged together with thin slices of cheese, cucumber, tomato and bread, grilled to perfection. It was served with a side of masala fries and mint mayo.The sandwich was simple but tasty nonetheless, the side of fries and mayo equally good.

Choco Namelaka with Raspberry and Black Tea

Next up was our first plated dessert, Choco Namelaka with Raspberry and Black Tea, the name is quite a handful, but once you get past that, you are presented with a beautifully arranged dessert. A thick layer of raspberry and rose jam was painted on the plate, over which lay chunks of raspberry sponge, dark chocolate soil, a circle of  black tea cremeux, a  quenelle of the chocolate namelaka  and a couple of candied rose petals.

Choco Namelaka with Raspberry and Black Tea

I was skeptical about liking the dessert, personally not being a big fan of dark chocolate. However I was won over. The richness of the chocolate is offset by the tart raspberry and rose jam, with the flavours surprisingly working really well together. The black tea cremeux, although bitter at first, settles to leave you with a pleasant taste. The contrasting textures of the chocolate soil, the sponge and the namelaka leave you at sensory contentment.

Wild Strawberry and Guava Cremeux

Our second plated dessert, was the ‘Wild Strawberry and Guava Cremeux’, the presentation of this dessert wasn’t impressive, with the monotone pink elements of the dessert layered onto a concave glass. The taste though, was incredible and more than made up for the poor presentation. The strawberry compote tasted fresh and accompanied the creamy guava cremeux well. The raspberry sponge while lacking a distinct flavour added a textural element, along with the crispy strawberry meringue that vanished as you bit into it. Who knew strawberry and guava complemented each other so well?

Smoors dessert take away boxes

We were full with our second plated dessert and decided to take home some other dessert options to try.

Moccha Supreme

The Moccha Supreme, although visually appealing was lackluster on the taste front.

This dessert didn’t make it home well: The Apricot Vanilla and Almond Praline cake

The Apricot Vanilla and Almond Praline cake had a delicate taste with the almond more prominent than the apricot, neither a bad nor memorable dessert.


Blueberry Danish

We also tried a Blueberry Danish from their baked goods section, the flaky pastry along with the tart blueberry preserve was really good.

Overall I would recommend the place, mostly for the fabulous Plated Desserts, but they do seem to have a good savoury menu as well. Their wide selection of beautifully packed chocolates and snacks, make for great gifting options.

I am definitely going to visiting again and will probably add another section to this review


Overall rating 4/5

Price: 3/5 (Average of 1000 Rupees for a meal with 2 mains and 2 desserts)

Ambience 4/5

Service 3/5

Food 4.5/5

Valet: Yes

Alcohol: No






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