Turning Twenty

  An article that I wrote in the past about being 19 was very well received. Now that I have transcended my teens into the big ol’ twenties “sobs” RIP teenager tag, “amen!” I just had to write about being twenty. On my twentieth birthday I felt a rush of sadness, I felt like I … Continue reading Turning Twenty


“Hello” Says Adele

After a wait of three years Adele has finally come out with a new single called ‘Hello’ with an accompanying music video. It has already garnered close to 4 million views in less than twelve hours. An impressive feat, however unsurprising as fans have been hungry for any Adele music, in the years since the release of Skyfall.

Give From Your Heart, Not Your Wallet

In our fast paced lives, we shuttle from one commitment to another without any thought. Time is of utmost importance, in our race for everything material. Even billionaires, men who can seemingly buy anything they want, can’t buy time. We readily give away our old clothes, and other items, even writing cheques for charity. But … Continue reading Give From Your Heart, Not Your Wallet